Seven of Victoria’s up and coming dairy leaders have been selected to participate in the 2018 New Zealand (NZ) Study Tour, as organised by the United Dairyfarmers of Victoria (UDV) and funded by the Gardiner Dairy Foundation.

The successful applicants of the NZ Study Tour for 2018 are as follows:

Ashlee Bloxidge – Nar Nar Goon
Craig Emmett – Stanhope
Elsi Neave – Pirron Yallock
Elspeth Field – Tinamba
Katherine Byrne – Ellinbank
Rhiannon Parry – North Wonthaggi
Sharnie Johnson – Nambrok


The South Island of NZ is home to some of the world’s leading dairy and processing facilities, and is renowned for being ahead of the curve in regard to farming, processing techniques and research.

The NZ Study Tour provides successful applicants with development opportunities to engage and learn from farmers as well as representatives of industry organisations such as the Federated Farmers of NZ.

Interim Chief Executive Officer of the Gardiner Dairy Foundation, Dr Clive Noble, has described the 2018 participants as an exceptional group of young leaders, eager for individual and collective development.

“The calibre of applicants this year is a tribute to the level of quality young farmers we have in the Victorian dairy industry. Each applicant has shown determination and an interest to learn about farming in NZ and to work together for stronger and more united dairy industry in Victoria,” said Dr Noble.

The program, now in its eighth year, integrates Australian farmers into a global dairy network.

Successful candidate, Elsi Neave from Pirron Yallock, is looking forward to the NZ Study Tour.

“I first heard about the NZ Study Tour through the studies I completed a few years ago, I have always wanted to go but I didn’t have the chance until now. I can’t wait to make connections with other successful applicants on the tour.

“The Study Tour will help us to see what farming is like in NZ so that we can apply the knowledge to the farm back at home. I think it is important to find more efficient ways of doing what we already do in Australia,” said Elsi Neave.

The Study Tour will commence in February 2018 and all participants will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons to many more dairying possibilities, that extend beyond one singular geographical location or culture.