Gardiner Dairy Foundation is proud to announce that Shannon Notter of Carlisle River has been named as the Gardiner funded 2018 Nuffield Scholar.

The Nuffield Scholarship will enable Shannon to explore her chosen area of study, with an emphasis on broadening worldwide perspectives of the agriculture industry through a 16-week global study tour.

Shannon will be investigating the key factors affecting dairy farm profitability, and her findings will provide valuable data for the wider industry.

Gardiner Dairy Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Mary Harney, said the success of the dairy industry is driven by innovative and forward-thinking individuals.

“The Nuffield Scholarship recognises the importance of investing in the Victorian dairy industry through empowering its people.

“A solid understanding of the factors that influence farm profitability is essential and is an area of particular interest to dairy farmers. Shannon’s research results will be greatly anticipated by the industry,” said Mary Harney.

Following an initial six-week group tour of global agriculture powerhouses in Asia, North and South America and Europe, Shannon will embark on 10 weeks of independent travel to explore Nuffield’s global network of farming scholars as part of her independent project.

Gardiner Dairy Foundation Nuffield Scholars go on to become part of a powerful global alumni network, which equips them with life-long opportunities for further learning and development.