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    People and Community Development

    The following active People & Community Development projects are being funded by Gardiner Dairy Foundation.

    The Gardiner Dairy Foundation, People and Community Development portfolio (PCD) invests in the people and communities of the dairy industry in Victoria. We provide support across the sector from students to emerging industry leaders. It is vital that support is given to the industry by addressing skill and capability gaps, investing in education and training opportunities and developing future leaders.

    Small rural and regional communities within the Victorian dairy regions can find it difficult to source funding for community facilities, infrastructure and initiatives. By supporting the community, is not only beneficial for community spirit and connection but also essential to attract and retain people in Victoria’s dairy industry.

    Australian Rural Leadership Program

    Project overview
    The Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) is seen as the flagship leadership development program for emerging leaders in regional, rural and remote Australia.
    Each year Gardiner Dairy Foundation sponsors one ARLP scholarship for an individual who is contributing to the dairy industry through their commitment to leadership.

    The ARLP is an experiential learning journey over 15 months and includes five sessions which take place across Australia and Asia.

    This initiative is part of Gardiner Dairy Foundation’s commitment to investing in capability development. ARLP is a unique opportunity for participants to become better leaders through building self-awareness, immersing themselves in new experiences and working intensively with like-minded people from across rural Australia. In return, participants are expected to share their learnings with the wider dairy industry.

    The importance of good leadership to the industry
    Good leadership has a direct impact on dairy business performance and is critical to the long-term sustainability of the industry. Leaders at all levels of dairy operations and in dairy communities contribute to improved outcomes through engaging and empowering others to become the best they can be in their work and in their communities. Becoming a better leader can be learned through programs like ARLP. It doesn’t happen by chance.
    The dairy industry has gone through significant structural change over the last decade and farmers must be able to manage people, whether they are employees, contractors or sharefarmers and get the best out of them in order to improve their business performance.
    Significant opportunities exist in the international marketplace for farmers with the skills and know-how to succeed.

    Our involvement
    Since 2015 the Gardiner Dairy Foundation has supported dairy farmers in Victoria to develop their leadership skills. This investment will not only benefit the scholars personally and professionally but the industry as a whole.
    To be successful applicants must be willing to commit their time to complete the course and also demonstrate leadership development by giving back tothe industry and sharing some of their learnings from the course.

    For more Information download the ARLP Brochure or to express your interest contact the Gardiner Dairy Foundation.
    Course 27 Information Brochure, Application Guidelines and Eligibility

    Applications are currently closed and will reopen in July 2020 

    Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI)

    Recipient Monash University
    Project Lead Madeleine McManus
    Partner organisations Fonterra Australia, Bega Cheese, Saputo Dairy Australia, Burra Foods, Lactalis Australia

    Project overview

    Dairy manufacturers have indicated that they have difficulty recruiting highly skilled people to the dairy sector. This has subsequently impacted on the development of their engineering and other capabilities. This skill gap has been identified as an impediment to the future productivity and competitiveness of the industry.

    Gardiner Dairy Foundation has taken a proactive approach to try and overcome this challenge by investing in the Monash University Team Initiative (MITI). This program places small multi-disciplinary teams of students with a dairy manufacturer to solve a specific company challenge over a 12 week period, during the university summer break.

    MITI offers a unique opportunity for participating industry manufacturers to put forward a specific challenge in commercial confidence. Monash University and the manufacturer decide on a multi-disciplinary team of students at differing stages in their studies, who are embedded into the company and try to find a solution to this real world challenge.

    Nuffield Farming Scholarships

    Project overview

    Nuffield Scholarships enable dynamic Australian farmers to travel internationally, expand their personal horizons and learn from leading agriculturalists around the world. Scholars visit innovative farmers to study global farming practices and bring new ideas and inspiration to farming businesses in Australia.

    This initiative forms part of Gardiner Dairy Foundations commitment to building industry leadership capability, through our People Development portfolio. It aims to develop Victorian dairy farmers to ensure that the industry has the required leadership, knowledge and skills for long-term success.

    Strategic importance to the industry

    The Australian dairy industry needs to be competitive on a global scale. Dairy farmers associated with Nuffield are exposed to cutting-edge technology globally, that could transform dairy farming and the dairy industry in general. They develop their networks, approaches and confidence, and bring valuable innovation home to share their learnings with the wider dairy community and creating more successful businesses.

    The global market has become increasingly competitive as the dairy capability and capacity of many nations has increased. The sustainability and growth of the Australian dairy industry depends on the ability of our famers to adopt new technologies and more efficient production practices.

    Our involvement

    Gardiner Dairy Foundation has partnered with Nuffield Australia to provide a Victorian dairy farmer with a Nuffield Farming Scholarship each year. This scholarship is a unique opportunity for a Victorian dairy farmer to experience agriculture from a global perspective, investigate their chosen agricultural topic, and to innovate on their own farms and within their dairy communities.

    Successful applicants spend a total of 16 weeks travelling the world – including 6 weeks of group travel through the global powerhouses of agriculture, in countries such as China, India, Brazil, USA, Canada and through Europe. Scholars then travel for a further 10 weeks by themselves, tapping into Nuffields global network of farming scholars to drill down into a research topic of interest to them and of value to the industry. Importantly, they then become part of a powerful alumni network of scholars right around the world, providing life-long opportunities for further learning and friendship.

    2021 Gardiner Dairy Foundation Nuffield Scholarship

    Gardiner Dairy Foundation strategically invests to develop people and capability in the Victorian dairy industry. An important part of this investment each year is a fully funded opportunity for one Victorian Dairy Producer to complete a Nuffield Farming Scholarship.

    Nuffield gives primary producers a life changing opportunity to travel overseas and study a topic of their choosing, related to primary production.

    Download the 2020 Nuffield Farming Scholarship brochure to learn more about Nuffield and the Gardiner Dairy Foundation Scholarship opportunity. Click here to download the Nuffield brochure

    Applications for 2021 are now closed and will open June 2020.

    If you or someone you know is interested in applying for a Nuffield Farming Scholarship, funded by the Gardiner Dairy Foundation visit the Nuffield Australia Website or email enquiries@nuffield.com.au for more information.

    Previous scholar reports Brendan Hehir 2016 | John Keely 2015 | Aubrey Pellet 2013 | Damian Murphy 2012 | Graeme Nicoll 2010 | Jamie Snell 2006

    For more information: Visit the Nuffield Website or Contact Gardiner Dairy Foundation

    Gardiner Dairy Foundation/UDV New Zealand Study Tour

    Partner organisation: United Dairyfarmers of Victoria

    Project overview

    The New Zealand Study Tour is an annual tour for up to six high-potential Victorian dairy industry representatives to travel to New Zealand where they learn about the local dairy industry, build their networks and gain valuable insights into world-class farming practices.

    This People Development initiative forms part of Gardiner Dairy Foundation’s commitment to investing in emerging leaders and practices. It aims to attract and retain the next generation of dairy professionals by offering them an opportunity, early in their career, to see the industry as a desirable and rewarding place to work.

    Strategic importance to the industry

    The dairy industry needs to build leaders that are motivated to evolve its business and production systems to world class standards given that the industry is facing increased international competition.

    Dairy farming in New Zealand is world class and it is highly valuable for young, career-minded Victorian dairy representatives to be exposed to the most impressive elements of this industry. The knowledge they gain assists them to initiate positive changes in the Australian industry. Delegates are encouraged to bring key learnings back home to improve local farming practices.

    Our involvement

    For many years Gardiner Dairy Foundation has been the sole funder of the New Zealand Study Tour. The tour provides young people from the Victorian dairy industry an opportunity to gain a broader perspective of agricultural systems and methods by visiting farmers, research organisations and industry leaders embedded in the New Zealand dairy industry.

    Delegates visit dairy farms that are utilising a variety of farm systems and technologies, they tour dairy research and processing facilities, and they visit the Federated Farmers of New Zealand to learn about industry issues and advocacy work. They also visit agricultural sites and meet like-minded young people with a passion for the dairy industry.

    2020 Study Tour – Now Closed

    Applications for the 2021 New Zealand Study Tour will open in September 2020

    The Gardiner Dairy Foundation UDV Study Tour of New Zealand is heading off again in April 2020!

    To be eligible to apply you must:

    • Be aged between 18 – 35 years;
    • Hold a current Australian passport;
    • Be available for travel in February 2021;
    • Actively participate in the Victorian dairy industry – either on or off-farm;
    • Agree to have an ongoing relationship with the UDV and Gardiner Dairy Foundation;
    • Utilise leadership skills upon return

    New Zealand is acknowledged as the world’s largest exporter of dairy products and the successful candidates will have the opportunity to see and discuss first-hand New Zealand’s world class business practices.

    Any queries can be directed to Patrick MacDonald at the UDV on 0417 165 784 or pmacdonald@vff.org.au

    To apply, please visit www.vff.org.au/UDVTour.

    'Working in Dairy Communities' - Small Grants Program

    Project Overview

    The Working in Dairy Communities Small Grants Program is run annually in partnership with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) which has been ongoing for 18 years. The purpose of these grants (up to $5,000 each) is to fund grass-roots community projects that strengthen small dairy communities.

    Eligible applicants are community organisations with an ABN in Victorian dairying towns with a population under 5,000.

    When applying for a grant, we strongly encourage applicants to download and use the Strengthening Small Dairy Communities Toolkit developed by Gardiner Dairy Foundation in 2012. This useful resources is full of practical tips, techniques, templates and further sources of information.

    Potential grant applicants can also attend our Grant Seeker workshops which will be held in each of the three dairy regions in early 2019. Working through the Tool kit and providing useful insights for grant seekers not only to this program but for anyone who is seeking to write effective grant applications on behalf of their organisation. In February 2019 we ran three Grant Seeker workshops in Cohuna, Simpson and Bairnsdale. Location and dates of the 2020 grant seeker workshops will be announced in January 2020.

    Strategic Importance to the Industry

    A successful dairy industry needs the support of a strong local community. The aim of this program is to strengthen small Victorian dairy communities, by helping build their capacity to deal with local issues and enhance existing community infrastructure.

    Our involvement

    Every year Gardiner Dairy Foundation allocates $120,000 to support the continuation of this well regarded program.

    Since it began in 2003 over $1.7 million has been successfully funded to 445 grants across the Victorian dairy community. On average every dollar invested by Gardiner Dairy Foundation receives additional leverage of $3.05 in cash or in-kind contributions.

    2020 ‘Working in Dairy Communities’ – Small Grants Program

    Applications for the 2020 ‘Working in Dairy Communities’ – Small Grants Program are now closed. pllications for 2021 will open February 2021.

    Before applying, please review the Guidelines carefully. You can view the guidelines here.

    To express your interest in applying for a grant, please contact FRRR on 1800 170 020 and www.frrr.org.au.

    For more information View the 13-year snapshot of the program,
    Media release 2015 Program, 2016 Program, 2017 Program, 2018 Program, 2019 Program, 2020 Program

    Tertiary Scholarship Program

    Project overview

    The dairy industry needs to attract, retain and develop talented people. Scholarships play a vital role in supporting high-potential rural students to gain the skills that will help to drive the industry forward and make their communities vibrant places to live.

    This Community Development initiative forms part of the Gardiner Dairy Foundations commitment to investing in emerging leaders and practices. It aims to support high-calibre young people from dairy communities by giving them the opportunity to study at a tertiary level, before bringing their skills back home.

    The scholarships are named in recognition of services contributed to the dairy industry by Niel Black, Shirley Harlock, Jakob Malmo, Bill Pyle and Doug Weir.

    Strategic importance to the industry

    Rural students face greater barriers to participation in higher education than their metropolitan counterparts. Many must move to a new city, which can cause significant financial pressures for students and their families.

    Because of these and other barriers many young people in rural communities simply do not apply for tertiary studies. Research indicates that only 68% of rural students complete secondary school, compared with 87% of metropolitan students. Of those that do secure university places, a significant number drop out before completing their degree because of financial, social and geographical challenges.

    Our involvement

    The Gardiner Dairy Foundation offers tertiary scholarships of $10,000 per annum for 3 years to up to seven individuals pursuing a career that will directly benefit the dairy industry and/or a small dairy community. Seventeen tertiary scholarships are currently being funded to support university and TAFE students across the state.

    2020 Tertiary Scholarship Program – NOW CLOSED

    Gardiner Dairy Foundation is proud to offer tertiary scholarships to up to seven individuals residing in Victorian dairy communities, commencing studies in 2020 to pursue a career that will either directly benefit the dairy industry and/or benefit dairy communities. Each scholarship is worth $10,000 per year and is available for the first three years of a scholar’s University or TAFE course.

    The Gardiner Dairy Foundation’s aims to continue to invest in emerging leaders and practices to help develop a long-term future for the dairy industry. Supporting rural people beginning tertiary study contributes to achieving this.

    The Victorian dairy industry is an exciting industry with a multitude of career opportunities, employing approximately 50,000 people in diverse jobs ranging from engineering to international trade.

    Applications invite people who are:

    • Pursuing a career through their chosen course that will either directly benefit the dairy industry and/or benefit dairy communities
    • Commencing their first year of full-time tertiary study in 2020 (University or TAFE)
    • Required to move away from home to take up their chosen course
    • Australian citizens.

    Applications will be assessed and shortlisted on the following criteria:

    • Potential to make a positive contribution to the Victorian dairy industry or its rural communities
    • Academic commitment and achievement
    • Personal achievement and community involvement

    Please apply online and ensure that you have received an automatically generated reply as receipt of application.

    Download Tertiary Scholarship Guidelines and Eligibility 2020

    Download Tertiary Scholarship – Application Form 2020 (word format) if you wish to apply using this application form please email it through to scholarships@gardinerfoundation.com.au

    The program is now closed for 2020. Applications for 2021 will open again in September 2020

    Victorian Regional Community Leadership Program

    Project overview

    The Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs (VRCLPs) are designed to assist individuals to develop their leadership capacity and prepare them to transition into leadership roles.

    This Community Development initiative forms part of the Gardiner Dairy Foundations commitment to investing in emerging leaders and practices. It aims to build the capability of dairy industry people so the industry has the required leadership, knowledge and skills for success.

    Strategic importance to the industry

    The dairy industry globally has seen significant change in recent times and there is every indication that the pace of change will continue, if not increase. Strong leadership will be required to navigate the Australian dairy industry and to ensure the industry is able to continually improve and maintain its international competitiveness.

    Leadership programs are necessary to help build the capability the industry will need. The VRCLPs provide critical leadership training that is tailored to each specific region of Victoria and they are an important opportunity for dairy industry succession planning.

    Our involvement

    The Gardiner Dairy Foundation provides scholarships for up to 10 emerging dairy leaders (one dairy farmer and one service provider) each year, across the five key dairy regions of Victoria. The scholarships are available for programs offered by the Gippsland Community Leadership Program, Fairley Leadership Program (Goulburn Murray), Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program, Community Leadership Loddon Murray and Leadership Great South Coast.

    The Gardiner Dairy Foundation has been supporting VRCLP participants since 2004 and has funded over 60 people across the five programs over that period. Graduates often go on to join community groups or boards in managerial positions, and become involved strategic planning for their regions. They serve as role models and mentors within their communities and make a substantial contribution to the growth and fabric of the dairy community and their wider regional communities.

    2020 Victorian Regional Community Leadership Program

    The Gardiner Dairy Foundation will once again be offering two dairy industry scholarships to each of the five Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs. Applications open in May for the Alpine Valleys Program and September for the Fairley Leadership, Leadership Great South Coast, Loddon-Murray Leadership and Gippsland Community Leadership Programs.

    For more information visit your local Regional Community Leadership Program:

    Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program – Applications are now open and close June 5, 2020.

    Fairley Leadership Program – Applications are now closed for 2020 and will reopen in mid 2020

    Gippsland Community Leadership Program – Applications are now closed for 2020 and will reopen in mid 2020

    Leadership Great South Coast – Applications are now closed for 2020 and will reopen in mid 2020

    Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program – Applications are now closed for 2020 and will reopen in mid 2020