“I’m paid a reasonable wage; I get free accommodation and I can save money. Most people my age working in hospitality in the city can’t save any money after they pay rent,” says Jessie Weaver who is a dairy supervisor on a 1300-cow dairy farm in northern Victoria.

“What’s more my job is stable and secure and we have a great lifestyle in rural communities.”

Although she didn’t come from a dairying background, Jessie was always interested in agriculture, particularly cattle reproduction. When she was 20 and living at home in NSW, a friend told her about an AI course. That led to her being referred to a dairy farmer down the road who was looking for a milker. And there she fell in love with dairy farming and stayed three years.

She crossed the border into northern Victoria after undertaking Dairy Australia’s Dairy Path program, which aims to support industry entrants to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

She wanted to do more than just milking and Dairy Path inspired her to apply for a job as a farmhand at Undera. After six months she was promoted to her current role.

“We have about 20 staff and I never expected to have to deal with people. It’s been challenging.”

Jess will complete her Cert 4 in Agriculture and Cert 4 in Agribusiness this year and plans to follow on with a Diploma in Agriculture or a Diploma in Leadership and Management.

“I’d like to eventually move into a herd management role because of my interest in animals and one day to own my own dairy farm.”