Seven Tertiary Scholarships have been awarded to students from each of the major Victorian dairy regions who are commencing their first year of tertiary study in 2020.

These students have demonstrated sound academic achievement, a commitment to further study and strong local, community involvement.

The scholarships are named in recognition of the significant contribution to the dairy industry made by Shirley Harlock, Jakob Malmo, Bill Pyle, Doug Weir and Niel Black.

The 2020 Gardiner Dairy Foundation Tertiary Scholars are: Kaitlyn Wishart, Mead (Bill Pyle scholarship); Grace Thulborn, Warrnambool (Shirley Harlock scholarship); Emily Robins, Cohuna (Doug Weir scholarship); Olivia Henzen, Camperdown (Jakob Malmo scholarship). There are three Niel Black scholarships, thanks to his very generous bequest to the Gardiner Dairy Foundation. The 2020 Niel Black scholars are Chelsea Hicks, Calivil; Courtney Zuidema, Yanakie; and Max Bond, Timboon.

Each scholarship recipient will receive $10,000 annually for up to three years to contribute towards costs associated with their studies.

“Rural students face high costs associated with living away from home to undertake higher education and training,” said Gardiner Dairy Foundation, Chief Executive, Dr Clive Noble. “These scholarships help them to overcome some of the barriers to obtaining a tertiary education, such as travel and accommodation.”

Tertiary Scholarships are awarded to students who are undertaking studies that have the potential to benefit the Victorian dairy industry or dairy communities. The program encourages students to return to Victoria’s dairy regions on graduating, or after gaining further work experience, to ensure a diverse range of essential skills within these regions.

“The Tertiary Scholarships support the development of young professionals who may not have had the opportunity to pursue higher education and who intend to bring their skills back to a dairy region in the future,” Dr Noble said. “They are an important investment in Gardiner Dairy Foundation’s People and Community Development portfolio.”


Kaitlyn Wishart, Mead (Bill Pyle scholarship)

Kaitlyn comes from a dairy farm at Cohuna in northern Victoria and will study a Bachelor of Agribusiness at Latrobe University, Bendigo.

She plans to have a career in agribusiness, assisting and empowering agricultural businesses to become more viable and sustainable.

Chelsea Hicks, Calivil (Niel Black scholarship)

Chelsea comes from a dairy farm at Calivil in northern Victoria. She will undertake a Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Midwifery (double degree) at Latrobe University, Bendigo.

She plans to return to a rural area on completing her studies and to use her knowledge, skills and experience to help people in farming communities.

Grace Thulborn, Warrnambool (Shirley Harlock scholarship)

Grace will study a Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Psychological Science (double degree) at Deakin University, Geelong. She grew up on a farm at Mortlake and now lives in Warrnambool.

She plans to focus on the physical and mental health needs of people living in small dairy communities where high quality healthcare is often overlooked.

Emily Robins, Cohuna (Doug Weir scholarship)

Emily has a passion for dairy cows and elite breeding. She will undertake a Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Agricultural Science (double degree) at Latrobe University, Bundoora.

On completion of her studies Emily plans to work in the dairy industry as an advisor helping dairy farmers in making sustainable technical and financial decisions in a rapidly changing world.

 Olivia Henzen, Camperdown (Jakob Malmo scholarship)

Olivia comes from a dairy farm at Camperdown and will study for a Bachelor of Agriculture at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga.

She plans to work with dairy farmers as an advisor helping them to gain maximum production at minimal cost and to maintain sustainable farming systems.

Courtney Zuidema, Yanakie (Niel Black scholarship)

Courtney comes from a dairy farm at Yanakie and has enrolled in a Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Health and Physical Education at Monash University, Mornington Peninsula.

She plans to teach in a dairy community where she hopes to provide inspiration and motivation to young people through a creative and stimulating learning environment.

Max Bond, Timboon (Niel Black scholarship).

Max comes from a dairy farm at Timboon and has enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management and Diploma of Agronomy at Longerenong Agricultural College.

Max plans to bring new knowledge and technologies into dairy farming and to share ideas and innovation among his fellow dairy farmers through participating in discussion groups in south-west Victoria.

Applications for 2021 Tertiary Scholarships will open in August 2020.

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