Tommy Glen, a farm manager who currently works on his family’s farm in Poowong, couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

“The hours are demanding, but that’s what the job requires and makes it so rewarding at the same time,” he said.

His love for dairy is in his blood, his family having owned their farm for nearly seventy years. Tommy always wanted to be a dairy farmer. “I was cow obsessed growing up. Instead of the usual toy cars and Lego it was always toy cows and tractors,” he said. “I remember moving cattle from the turn out block to the home farm and vice versa as well as helping to feed the calves, which was my fondest memory growing up.”

He’s now been in the industry for five years, the first three part-time before taking the plunge to go into it full-time two years ago.

My uncle was looking for help on the farm, so I went down and gave him a hand. While I was there, I fell in love with dairy once again,” he said.

He didn’t have any formal training before working in dairy, but has since done a handful of courses, which includes Cups On Cups Off, InCharge Fertility, an AI ticket and he is currently completing Our Farm Our Plan as well as Feeding Pastures For Profit.

There are many things Tommy loves about working in the dairy industry, but the cows are his favourite part. “No matter how your day is going, a cow somehow knows how to bring a smile to your face,” he said.

He enjoys his work and couldn’t imagine doing anything else, encouraging other people to enter the industry. “Be passionate about what you’re doing, work hard, be punctual and make the most of every opportunity to learn and upskill yourself.”

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