About Us

At Gardiner Foundation, we see thriving, vibrant Victorian dairy communities where people and businesses want to be. Victorian dairy communities are more than the sum of their parts. They are places of opportunity for families and industry, and for investment that creates prosperity for all.

Since 2000, we’ve been investing in change that benefits everyone in Victorian dairy, helping people to make places where they want to live, work and invest. We welcome opportunities to work with people, communities, businesses and organisations to make this happen.

To learn about our purpose and vision, select the following headings.

To manage the investment of funds to maximise the benefits to all sectors of the Victorian dairy industry and Victorian dairy communities.

Thriving, vibrant Victorian dairy communities where people want to live, work and invest.

Leveraged investment

Gardiner Foundation works collaboratively across the supply chain, providing an independent source of funds and flexibility of investment that other participants may not have.

Gardiner co-invests where practicable to maximise the impact of investments. Working cooperatively with other key funders of the Victorian dairy industry [Dairy Australia and Agriculture Victoria] allows Gardiner to maximise the outcomes and focus on initiatives that impact the key industry objectives of profitability, growth and sustainability.

The needs of a range of stakeholders are addressed through industry improvement projects according to the Gardiner Constitution. Our strategic plan focus on five key areas: Financial Stewardship, People in Dairy, Community Development, Research and Innovation and Industry Support.

Gardiner Foundation seeks opportunities to collaborate with industry, leveraging resources and knowledge to maximise the impact for farmers and communities. Gardiner supports projects that link research and development with adoption, to deliver real outcomes at farm, factory, consumer and community level. Gardiner also invest in current and emerging leaders through programs integrated across the dairy value chain.

Gardiner can be agile and flexible in its response to emerging priorities.