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    Gardiner Dairy Foundation was established via legislation in Section 65 of the Dairy Act 2000, in partnership with Victorian farmer, processor and manufacturer groups and the Victorian Government, to increase the international competitiveness of the Victorian dairy industry.

    Gardiner Dairy Foundation was created with $62m in funding from the sale of assets, including milk brands, as part of deregulation of the dairy industry. The Foundation’s constitutional responsibility is to maintain the current real value of the legacy. Responsible management of the funds is an ongoing priority as the income produced supports Gardiner Dairy Foundation’s annual investment in key industry projects. The fund now has in excess of $100m under management.

    Since inception Gardiner Dairy Foundation has contributed over $60m toward projects that have made a significant contribution to the Victorian dairy industry. With the inclusion of cash and in-kind contributions from all partners, these contributions have a total value of more than $180m.

    Our vision

    Investing in people and practices to support the development of a vibrant dairy industry

    Our mission

    • To professionally manage the fund and its investment portfolio
    • To work cooperatively with industry organisations and stakeholders to improve the Victorian dairy industry
    • To foster innovation, enhance capability and act as a catalyst for positive change
    • To provide an independent and flexible source of funding that benefits the industry in ways that may not be possible for other support organisations

    Leveraged investment

    Gardiner Dairy Foundation works collaboratively across the supply chain, providing an independent source of funds and flexibility of investment that other participants may not have.

    We co-invest where practicable to maximise the quantum and impact of our investments. Working cooperatively with other key funders of the Victorian dairy industry [Dairy Australia and Agriculture Victoria] allows us to maximise the outcomes and focus on initiatives that impact the key industry objectives of profitability, growth and sustainability.

    Under the Gardiner Dairy Foundation Constitution, we address the needs of a range of stakeholders through industry improvement projects. Our strategic investments focus on three key areas, Research, Development and  Extension (RD&E), People and Community Development and Industry Engagement and Support.

    Gardiner Dairy Foundation seeks opportunities to collaborate with industry, leveraging resources and knowledge to maximise the impact for farmers and communities. We support projects that link research and development with adoption, to deliver real outcomes at farm, factory, consumer and community level. We also invest in current and emerging leaders through programs integrated across the dairy value chain.

    Gardiner Dairy Foundation can be agile and flexible in its response to emerging priorities.