Taking Stock and Feeding Pastures for Profit

The milk price drop in April 2016 challenged the dairy community at all levels.

The industry needed to respond. As an independent and flexible supporter of the dairy industry, Gardiner Foundation were able to move quickly to be the first organisation to answer the call, by contributing $1.4m to the state-wide, collaborative industry response package that ultimately reached $11.4m.

Gardiner’s funding is making important programs including Taking Stock and Feeding Pasture for Profit accessible to all Victorian dairy farmers, helping facilitate the roll-out of Dairy Australia’s Tactics for Tight Times.

Of our total $1.4m contribution, $900k was used to help support Taking Stock. This allowed Victorian dairy farmers to have a one-on-one consultation to work through a financial budget, as well as a feed budget, free of charge. This was critical information for making a plan to get through the season.

Gardiner Foundation also contributed $280k to Feeding Pastures For Profit (FPFP). FPFP has been estimated to benefit farmers who participate by $43k per annum. Gardiner funding supported Victorian dairy farmers to participate, free of charge, in a one-day course and enabled an update of the course material.