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    Australian Dairy Plan

    The development of the Australian Dairy Plan is an industry led initiative to create a more profitable, confident and united industry.

    The plan is supported by Australian Dairy Farmers, Australian Dairy Products Federation, Dairy Australia and Gardiner Dairy Foundation, with John Brumby AO serving as Independent Chair. Gardiner Dairy Foundation has been an active contributor through the provision of substantial financial support and in lead roles in the planning and governance of the development process.

    The development of the Australian Dairy Plan has involved extensive industry consultation across the dairy supply chain, together with detailed consideration of new initiatives and approaches to meet the goals and aspirations identified as priorities by industry stakeholders:

    • Profitable: Financially sustainable and profitable across the entire supply chain.
    • Confident: A sense of optimism and confidence relating to future success is felt throughout the industry, including competing at a local and global level.
    • United: The industry, right across the country, knows where to focus and where it needs to apply its collective efforts and voice to achieve this goal.

    The Australian Dairy Plan will be launched in late 2020. It will provide a clear vision and path forward for the industry over the next five years and beyond. Gardiner Dairy Foundation is committed to aligning its strategy and priorities with the Dairy Plan and to being a proactive contributor to the successful implementation of the plan.


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