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    Our Farm Our Plan

    With the increasingly volatile conditions experienced by our dairy farmers, it is vital that we enable and support them to clarify their strategic long-term goals, identify and prioritise actions needed, manage uncertainty, mitigate risks and capture opportunities when they present. This will be essential for delivering more profit consistently and achieving long-term business and personal goals.

    It is in this context that the Our Farm, Our Plan program has been developed. The development and of the program was a joint investment by Gardiner Dairy Foundation and Dairy Australia, with support from DairyNZ and Dairy Regional Development Programs (RDPs).

    Our Farm, Our Plan is simple and takes long term plans and ideas from your head and gets them down on one piece of paper. The ‘Plan on a Page’ requires agreement, is able to be shared and enables you to track your progress.

    What you need to get started

    Below are the three key documents you can download to get started on the Our Farm, Our Plan program.

    1. Take a self-assessment using the Farm Fitness Checklist to help you identify opportunities for improvement
    2. Plan it out in three easy steps with the QuickPlan and develop a clear understanding of your long term business and personal goals
    3. Share your plan with others and track your progress using the Plan on a Page.

    You can also order online your free of charge Our Farm, Our Plan kit containing all three documents plus the Risk Register.

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