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  • Dairy Feedbase

    DairyFeedbase is a five year initiative established in 2017 with a goal to improve the cost-competitiveness of the dairy industry by developing management tools that improve productivity in the paddock and develop tools, technologies and systems that enable smarter allocation of feed at a
    herd and cow level.

    DairyFeedbase is a collaborative initiative of Gardiner Dairy Foundation, Agriculture Victoria and Dairy Australia, with Gardiner Dairy Foundation contributing $9 million over 6 years.

    The goals are to increase pasture productivity, to deliver a 20% increase in pasture utilisation for at least 40% of farmers, an additional $120 per cow from more effective feed allocation and to reduce the economic impact of hot
    weather by 50% through innovative diets. In addition, through increasing feed intake in early lactation the target is to lift the average lactation value by $300 per cow and reduce health costs per cow by $50.

    Results to date have shown the ability to increase individual cow production by up to 5 litres per day through changing feed allocation and farm management practices.

    Major outcomes of the initiative’s nutrition work which improves the use of partial mixed rations, formulated grain mixes, and use of key supplements such as canola and maize has already been made available to farmers via
    distribution through the extension network.