Nuffield Farming Scholarship

Gardiner Foundation in partnership with Nuffield Australia offers a Nuffield Farming Scholarship to a Victorian dairy farmer each year. The Nuffield scholarship is an opportunity for a Victorian dairy farmer to investigate an agricultural topic of their choice, and to innovate on their own farms and dairy communities. Scholars also experience agriculture from a global perspective and become members of a formidable, international network of Nuffield alumni, creating life-long opportunities for further learning and friendship.

This initiative is part of Gardiner’s commitment to building industry leadership and capability to ensure that the industry continues to advance leadership, knowledge and skills for long-term success.

Successful applicants spend a total of 15 weeks travelling the world over two years – including 5 weeks of group travel through the global powerhouses of agriculture, in China, India, Brazil, USA, Canada, UK and Europe. Scholars then travel for a further 10 weeks by themselves, tapping into Nuffield’s global network of farming scholars to drill down into a research topic of interest to them and of value to the industry.


  • Between 28-45 years of age. (Please note that exceptional candidates outside this age range will be considered).
  • Australian resident.
  • Engaged in farming or fishing as an owner, manager or an active member of a farming business.
  • Intending to remain involved in primary production in Australia.

Scholarship Components:

The breakdown of the scholarship components are:

  • 5 Days: National Conference: briefing day, awards dinner, conference days and regional tour
  • 12 Days: One/two weeks for the Australian Focus Program (AFP), commencing in Canberra 
  • 8 Days: One-week Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC)
  • 35 Days: Four/five-week Global Focus Program (GFP) spent in various countries
  • 35 Days: Four/five-week individual study (does not have to be concurrent)
  • 5 Days: National Conference and awards dinner, to present findings 

Value of the Award:

Financial assistance to the value of $40,000 (subject to conditions) is provided to cover costs associated with the study period. Nuffield will withhold $3000 as an assurance on the submission of an approved report.

Any costs exceeding this value must be met by the scholar.

For more information about the Nuffield Scholarship program visit

Or contact Jodie Redcliffe, Chief Executive Officer, Nuffield Australia. Mobile: 0402 453 299.  Email:

Applications are currently closed.

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In 2023, Sarah received a Nuffield Scholarship. The Gardiner Foundation, in partnership with Nuffield Australia, offers a farming scholarship to a Victorian dairy farmer each year. The scholarship provides an opportunity for a farmer to investigate an agricultural topic of their choice.

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Gardiner Foundation in partnership with Nuffield Australia offers a Nuffield Farming Scholarship to a Victorian dairy farmer each year. The successful scholar will embark on a 15-week immersive experience in purposeful learning and international travel, supported by a $40,000 grant.

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