Applications close Friday, October 21, for the 2017 Gardiner Dairy Foundation UDV New Zealand Study Tour.

The Study Tour is an innovative leadership initiative led by the Gardiner Dairy Foundation in collaboration with the United Dairyfarmers of Victoria (UDV), and will offer a number of ambitious Australian farmers with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge, networks and skills through an 8 day tour of the New Zealand dairy industry.

New Zealand is positioned as the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, with dairy making up a huge 46 per cent of the nation’s primary industry export value. Given its prominence in the global dairy industry, the NZ tour offers an unmatched opportunity for farmers to expand their skills and learn new techniques in a thriving and innovative industry.

“Australia’s most engaged and promising dairy farmers will be selected to build their knowledge and immerse themselves in the farming practices of New Zealand, both for the benefit of their farm but also for the benefit of the greater Australian dairy industry,” said Mary Harney, CEO of the Gardiner Dairy Foundation.

“This tour is a unique opportunity for Australian farmers to see the industry from a global context and has the potential to build a body of knowledge which lifts the standard of dairy farming across our country,” added Ms Harney.

The study tour provides farmers with exposure to first-class dairy processing facilities, world-recognised research and extension facilities and an opportunity to learn from some of the best farmers in the global market.

Alec Young, a former recipient of a recent NZ Study Tour, believes that the relationships he built on the tour and the skills he has developed, were some of the most valuable experiences of his career.

“Receiving the opportunity to go on the tour has been a career highlight for me, I went on the tour anticipating that I would learn some life changing skills, but I came out with networks that have changed my dairying experience forever,” said Alec.

For more information about the New Zealand Study Tour, including eligibility criteria, please visit or contact Ashlee Hammond at or phone 0427 979 095.