Efficient utilisation of pasture on-farm is one of the keys to farm profitability, but accurate measurement is an ongoing challenge.

The Pasture Smarts project team is looking for Victorian dairy farmers to test their technology and help design a pasture management system that works for your farm.

The Pasture Smarts project aims to create a new management framework for measuring and utilising pasture that leads to higher yields, is grazed and conserved more effectively, with better management of risks, and with a goal of simplifying day-to-day management.

The project currently has seven partner farms across Victoria that have provided information to help develop the technology, and are seeking more to test the app.

Over the past 18 months the project has taken extensive pasture cuts from these farms and has tested a range of tools and produced a prototype mobile application and farm dashboard.

Participating farms will get their farm mapped and gain access to a prototype mobile app and dashboard as part of the project.

The app and dashboard will show daily pasture yield data per paddock and will also give the option to enter pasture activity information that happens on-farm.

As part of the project the Pasture Smarts team will collect feedback on how the app works and attend partner farms to collect pasture samples and use sensors to measure pasture parameters.

DairyFeedbase is one of the dairy industry’s leading applied research and innovation programs designed to revolutionise feedbase management on Australian dairy farms.

For more information, contact the project leader Dr Liz Morse-McNabb through email at: elizabeth.morse-mcnabb@agriculture.vic.gov.au or download an expression of interest form at: dairyfeedbase.com.au

For regionally specific information, go to: dairyfeedbase.com.au/2021/02/02/partner-up-with-pasture-smarts

DairyFeedbase is a joint venture of Dairy Australia, Agriculture Victoria and Gardiner Dairy Foundation.